Notion Progress Bar Designs & Template

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With this template, you'll be able to enhance the visual appeal of your Notion databases by setting up stunning progress bars. We offer two pre-designed database templates with progress bars and 15 unique progress bar designs.

  • Ready-to-use pre-designed database templates
  • Collection of beautiful and easy-to-use progress bar designs
  • Copy and paste from the examples

⚡️ What's included?

  • 15 Unique Progress Bar Designs
  • 2 Templates with visual progress bar (working with specific property value and checkbox, include dummy database)
  • Progress Bar Formula Format (Unicode and Emoji)

Templates with visual progress bar

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Notion プログレスバー デザイン集 & テンプレート


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✍ FAQs

Q. How do I download it?
A. Just hit the "Duplicate" button and find it in your workspace's sidebar 🚀

If you're already signed in, the template will be automatically added to your workspace. If you're logged out or don't have a Notion account, you'll be prompted to sign in or create one first!

Q. Can I customize Notion Progress Bar Designs & Templates?
A. Absolutely! The template is fully customizable 🎯

Q. Can I share this template with others?
A. No, this is a personal license for individual use only 🙏

⚠️ This product is not returnable or refundable upon purchase.

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  • Fixed the Progress Bar Formula Format codes

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Notion Progress Bar Designs & Template

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